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Ceyhun Işık Releases Hair ASMR Channel Song with Subtitles, Announces Wife’s New Makeup Channel

Ceyhun Işık, the popular ASMR content creator, has uploaded the channel song that his followers have been requesting for a long time as a podcast.

He also provided subtitles for the song’s lyrics.

Işık expressed hope that his followers will enjoy the new release.

In other news, Işık announced that his wife has opened a new makeup channel called “Makeup M.” He thanked his supporters for their continued support and urged them to check out his wife’s new venture.

Meanwhile, Işık has also been transforming his clients’ hair with his expertise.

He is keeping up with the latest trends and advises his clients to do the same by checking out the current fashion colors for the summer.

Işık assures his clients that they will be satisfied with the quality of his work.

In short, Ceyhun Işık has been busy with various projects, from releasing new ASMR content to promoting his wife’s new makeup channel and transforming his clients’ hair with the latest fashion trends.

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