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A Freeze Warning is in effect for all of Central Alabama from Sunday 10 PM to Monday 10 AM.

Temperatures will be in the mid-thirties through 10 AM, and back near freezing after about 10 PM tonight.

The arctic blast centered over the southern plains in the Midwest will bring colder than average temperatures in the Rockies next week.

However, by the end of the seven-day forecast, warmer than average temperatures are expected.

Despite Monday being the spring equinox, the freeze warning will continue, and temperatures are not expected to be warm with an average high of 68 and an average low of 46.

Spotty showers are expected on Thursday and Friday with temperatures reaching 80 degrees.

So, people are advised to hang tight with their jackets likely for the rest of the afternoon, today at the bus stop Monday and Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday.

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