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Severe Flooding and Structure Collapses Ravage South Lake Tahoe Celebrities and Film Industry Figures Share Their Picks for Honorary Oscar Recipients, Including Janelle Monáe, Carey Mulligan, and Tanya Moodie.

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Oscars, attendees of last year’s Governors Awards were asked who they would give an honorary Oscar to, regardless of field or profession.

The responses ranged from actresses like Ruth Gordon and Angela Bassett to teachers who inspired their pupils, including drama teacher Hillary Wood and high school English teacher Crag Hill.

Some chose to honor their own family members, with one actor dedicating it to his mother for her unwavering support throughout his career.

Others looked to filmmakers such as David Lynch and Athol Fugard, or even to the crew who work tirelessly to make movie magic happen.

One actor even suggested giving honorary Oscars to the millions of people returning to movie theaters post-COVID, making the moviegoing experience possible once again.

Who would you give an honorary Oscar to?

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