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CBS News Detroit’s Kelly Vaughn Takes on the Slopes at Mt.


CBS News Detroit’s Kelly Vaughn recently went skiing at Mt.

Brighton as part of her reporting.

Despite not having skied since she was 10, Vaughn tried her hand at skiing on the slopes.

With the help of her friends, she managed to navigate the snowy terrain with a few close calls.


Brighton, which was set to close, extended its opening for a few more days thanks to the extra snow.

The slopes, a mix of artificial and real snow, were a hit with the kids who had been waiting for a snow day.

Despite the icy conditions, Vaughn and her friends had a blast skiing and enjoying the winter weather.

Vaughn’s skiing skills impressed her colleagues and viewers alike, and she managed to stay on her feet throughout her time on the slopes.

The owner of Mt.

Brighton expressed his excitement for the extra days of skiing and the enthusiasm of the children who flocked to the slopes.

Despite the desire for spring weather, the kids were hoping for more snow and cold.

Vaughn’s skiing adventure was a bold move on live TV and one that many would not have attempted.

Nevertheless, she pulled it off and showed that she still had some skiing skills in her.

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