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CBS News Anchors Share Their March Madness Picks

March Madness is in full swing with some surprising upsets already taking place.

Millions of Americans are filling out their brackets, and CBS News anchors Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers are no exception.

They recently shared their picks for the tournament.

Green and Duthiers both had their brackets busted on the first day of the tournament with Virginia and Arizona’s surprise losses.

However, they remain optimistic and excited for the remaining games.

Duthiers revealed that he filled out two different brackets, and in one of them, he picked the Ivy League team, Princeton, to go all the way.

Meanwhile, Green admitted that she received help from her friend and sports guru, Tara Miller, and her cat, Monk, who chose UConn to win it all.

Aside from personal picks, both anchors also consulted with experts to help them make their choices.

Duthiers spoke with John Rosting, a basketball expert from CBS Sports, while Green received tips from MIT data scientists who built an algorithm to generate different brackets.

They ultimately settled on Houston, Baylor, Purdue, and Gonzaga to make it to the Final Four.

While some of their picks haven’t made it, Green and Duthiers are still in the game and looking forward to the rest of the tournament.

As the competition continues, basketball fans around the world are eagerly anticipating more thrilling games and unpredictable outcomes.

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