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Cazenovia College Hosts Final Commencement Before Permanently Closing

Cazenovia, NY – Cazenovia College bid farewell to its graduating seniors in a bittersweet final commencement ceremony held over the weekend.

The Class of 2023, consisting of 210 students, walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, marking the end of their academic journey at Cazenovia College.

The 198th commencement ceremony was a moment of mixed emotions as the college announced its permanent closure due to financial hardships.

Despite the challenges faced by the institution, the focus remained on celebrating the achievements and resilience of the graduating class.

The keynote speaker, John Robert Greene, emphasized that the occasion was not a eulogy but a commencement—a beginning rather than an ending.

The valedictorian, Sarah Cole, acknowledged the courage and strength demonstrated by the class during a period of transition.

She reflected on the drastic changes experienced by the students, from lockdowns and restrictions to a world reopening before their eyes.

Cole expressed excitement for the opportunities ahead, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the experiences they missed at the beginning of their college journey.

David Bergh, the president of Cazenovia College, expressed pride in the final graduating class, recognizing them as the bearers of the institution’s legacy.

He expressed confidence in their ability to make a positive impact as they venture into the world and embark on their future endeavors.

In an effort to support current students and faculty members during the transition, Cazenovia College has partnered with over 30 universities.

These collaborations aim to facilitate a smooth transfer process for those affected by the closure.

The official closing date for Cazenovia College has been set for June 30th of this year.

As the college concludes its operations, the institution looks to its final graduating class as ambassadors of its values and mission.

Although the closure marks the end of an era, Cazenovia College remains hopeful that its students will go on to accomplish great things in their chosen paths.

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