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Amid Sudan cease-fire talks, the United States expresses cautious optimism regarding a potential agreement on humanitarian aid.

The capital city of Khartoum witnessed intensified fighting on Wednesday, while negotiations between rival groups continued in Saudi Arabia.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland informed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the U.S.

negotiators’ cautious optimism for a short-term cease-fire to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance into Sudan.

The World Health Organization reported that 600 people have lost their lives due to the ongoing conflict.

BBC News correspondent Barbara Plett Usher, reporting from Sudan, highlighted the situation in Khartoum, where most of the fighting has been concentrated.

Although gunfire was heard, it was relatively quieter compared to the previous day.

Yesterday’s clashes marked some of the most severe confrontations since the conflict erupted, with the air force conducting strikes against the Rapid Support Forces within the city.

According to reports, two warplanes were allegedly disabled during these operations.

The civilians caught in the crossfire find themselves in a nightmarish situation, taking shelter in their homes and hiding under their beds.

The report also underscored the plight of those unable to leave the conflict zone, particularly the elderly, sick individuals, and families with young children.

They face pressing needs, including food shortages as shops and markets remain closed.

The dwindling supplies and frequent power outages further exacerbate the situation, affecting both water supply and telecommunications.

Internet services experienced a collapse, although partial restoration has occurred, making communication difficult.

Additionally, medical facilities face shortages of medicine and staff, with some hospitals occupied by troops, creating a dire healthcare crisis.

Regarding the ongoing negotiations, little information has been disclosed thus far.

However, in the past 24 hours, there have been indications that a short-term cease-fire agreement may be nearing completion.

United States mediators on the ground hold an optimistic view regarding an impending agreement.

The media, however, has been relatively quiet about the developments.

Talks revolve around securing both sides’ signatures on a declaration and a cease-fire that would provide a conducive environment for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

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