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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Startling new footage emerged showing armed members of a cartel patrolling what federal agents have deemed the most perilous sector of the Southern border. In the midst of the Rio Grande lies a treacherous mile-long stretch called “cartel island,” which serves as a haven for drug smuggling, arms trafficking, and illegal migrant crossings. The video exposes cartel gunmen openly operating along the riverbank, in the same area where a border patrol vehicle was shot earlier this year, evident by the bullet hole on the hood.

Thermal drone footage showcases rival cartels engaged in combat on the Mexican side of Fronton Island. This alarming development coincides with a record-breaking number of migrants on the FBI’s Terror Watch List entering the country in the past fiscal year, totaling 169 individuals, surpassing the combined figures of the previous six years.

DHS Secretary Alejandra Mayorcas, while being questioned on Capitol Hill, struggled to provide concrete information regarding the whereabouts of these potentially dangerous migrants. Simultaneously, a tragic incident occurred during a human smuggling operation in Batesville, Texas, resulting in the death of eight individuals, including two innocent Americans. The fatal crash occurred when a vehicle carrying illegal migrants, attempting to evade law enforcement, collided head-on with an SUV.

According to early reports from Texas DPS, the driver of the SUV was an illegal migrant; however, verification is pending. The overwhelming crisis of smuggling, surging numbers of migrants, and surfeit of drugs shows no signs of abating. The cartel gunmen seen in the original video are visibly armed and actively participating in the transportation.

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