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Drug smuggling by cartels has become a larger issue beyond the border states of the US, with every state now considered a border state.

Deadly drugs like fentanyl are being smuggled into the country through the southern border and then transported to other parts of the country.

More than 23.6 million fentanyl pills have been seized at one port of entry in Arizona alone since this fiscal year began.

Drug trafficking organizations from Mexico are smuggling drugs between ports of entry in the Rio Grande Valley, and the drugs are often combined in what is known as poly loads.

Smugglers are using various means to transport the drugs further into the interior.

The cartel orchestrated drug and human smuggling activity is moving north, with human smugglers sharing highways and byways with everyday Americans.

Recently, an undocumented individual from Mexico was caught with 11 other undocumented individuals in Ohio.

The smuggler had been removed from the US 40 times since 2006 and was planning to drop off the individuals in various locations along the east coast, including Pennsylvania and Florida.

The undocumented individuals often cross the border and walk miles until they are picked up by a load vehicle and transported to stash houses where they await their next ride to their next destination.

They pay the cartel every step of the way.

The driver from Ohio who was caught faces charges for human smuggling and illegal re-entry.

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