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Residents in Portland’s Foster-Powell neighborhood woke up to a string of car vandalism incidents on Friday morning.

Late on Thursday night and early Friday morning, several car windows were smashed near SE 62nd Avenue and Foster Road.

Jake Kelly and his girlfriend, who had just moved to the neighborhood from California, were among the affected residents.

They discovered that the driver’s side front window of their car had been bashed in.

Manuel Bernal, another resident, expressed his anger towards the vandals, calling them “haters,” “cowards,” and “lazy.” The vandalism was not limited to one area, with most of the damage scattered along Southeast 62nd and several other surrounding streets.

Corrine Fritz found one of her car windows broken, causing her to miss work to get it fixed.

Sergeant Kevin Allen stated that they have taken multiple reports and expect many more.

They are urging anyone with security video of anything suspicious in the area to contact the police.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Jake is still holding out hope for his new city.

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