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Canal Fulton World War II Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

Guy Atkinson, a World War II veteran, celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by friends, family, and community members at the Chapel Hill Community in Canal Fulton.

Atkinson was a 20-year-old soldier when he entered the war and has been awarded the bronze star, purple heart, combat badge, and POW medal, having spent six months in a prisoner of war camp.

The celebration was attended by various guests, including members of the police department and state highway patrol, who were amazed by Atkinson’s youthful appearance.

He received several gifts and cakes from attendees and expressed his gratitude for their presence, stating that it was an honor to have served his country.

Atkinson comes from a family of six brothers, all of whom served in the military, with five serving in World War II and two in Korea.

Despite the challenges he faced, Atkinson reflected on his life with positivity, describing it as a “great life” and thanking everyone for their service.

The event was a heartwarming tribute to a true American hero who has dedicated his life to serving his country.

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