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Canadian Catholic School Student Arrested for Saying Men and Women are Different

A high school student in Canada, Josh Alexander, was arrested at his Catholic school for declaring that men and women are different.

Alexander attended St Joseph’s High School Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, where he was barred from the grounds for stating that God created two genders, which is a Christian precept and common sense.

Female students complained to Alexander, expressing concern that males were using their washrooms, which sparked a debate at the school.

Alexander used scripture to back up his opinion, but the administrators refused to discuss it with him.

When he attempted to attend class, he was arrested and charged.

Alexander’s lawyer, James Kitchen, stated that the legal recourse in Canada is limited because of the weak constitution and lack of respect for individual rights and freedoms.

However, they plan to file a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission for religious discrimination.

Alexander hopes to continue his education but is uncertain due to his personal beliefs.

The police officers who arrested Alexander did not seem embarrassed by their actions, according to him.

The story has gained attention in the US, with Tucker Carlson discussing it on his show and questioning how Canada has become totalitarian so quickly.

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