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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed that Canada will not be intimidated by any retaliatory actions from China in response to the expulsion of a Chinese diplomat.

In a recent statement, Trudeau emphasized that the expulsion serves as a clear message to the Chinese regime, indicating that Canada will take whatever action is necessary to protect its democracy and stand up for its values and principles.

Trudeau stressed that the decision to expel the Chinese diplomat was made after careful consideration, highlighting the seriousness with which Canada regards foreign interference.

Despite expecting retaliation, Trudeau asserted that Canada will not back down and will continue to take all necessary measures to safeguard its citizens from external interference.

When questioned about the possibility of economic retaliation, Trudeau acknowledged that such concerns were taken into account.

However, he emphasized that Canada opted to move forward in a responsible manner, sending a strong message that foreign interference will not be tolerated.

Trudeau believes that other countries will recognize Canada’s unwavering commitment to addressing this issue.

Regarding the safety of Canadians, Trudeau stated that the decision to expel the Chinese diplomat was made responsibly and thoughtfully.

He expressed that interference in Canada’s democracy is unacceptable, and Canada is determined to demonstrate its resolve in protecting its interests.

The government will continue to assess travel risks based on available information and take necessary actions to ensure the safety of Canadians.

Trudeau concluded by underscoring the gravity of expelling a diplomat and the firmness it signifies on Canada’s part.

The decision was made with careful consideration of potential implications, reaffirming Canada’s determination to stand strong against external interference.

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