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California Braces for Another Atmospheric River Bringing Heavy Rain and Potential Flooding

As another atmospheric river is expected to hit California, residents are preparing for more rain and potential flooding.

To minimize the risk of flooding, public crews in Los Angeles County have been clearing debris basins to ensure that water flows properly and downhill communities are protected.

The Santa Anita debris basin, one of 172 in the San Gabriel Foothills, has been cleared ahead of the storm.

During the storm, crews will maintain year-round infrastructure built more than a century ago, including 14 major dams in the San Gabriel Foothills.

These dams capture a great deal of water and release it slowly into the spreading grounds below to create a third of LA County’s drinking water supply.

In addition to maintaining the infrastructure, LA Public Works crews are patrolling roads for potential hazards like falling rocks, traffic lights out, and storm drains not working properly.

They urge residents to call 800-675-HELP if they have any emergencies during the storm.

As sediment from previous storms continues to accumulate, Californians are bracing for potentially dangerous conditions.

“A lot more sediment has come in with each of these storms,” says Haley Winslow of Fox 11 News.

“This is one of 172 debris basins in the San Gabriel Foothills that catches debris.

Without them, when a storm event happens, all of the water that funnels through each of these canyons and all the debris that comes with it would flow straight into the communities below.”

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