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Governor Gavin Newsom of California has announced a $1 billion plan to address homelessness in the state.

In an interview with Capitol Correspondent Eytan Wallace, Newsom expressed his passion for tackling the issue, stating that it is a “disgrace” that people are dying on the streets.

As part of his four-day tour across California, Newsom unveiled his first initiative, which involves getting up to 1200 new tiny homes deployed across the state, with 500 in Los Angeles, 350 in Sacramento, 200 in San Jose, and 150 in San Diego County.

These small homes can accommodate up to six people each, with some housing just 2 to 4 individuals.

Newsom also announced that his administration will send $1 billion in state homeless funds to local governments that have improved their plans to reduce homelessness from 2% to 15% over the next three years.

The governor emphasized that accountability is crucial, and the funding will only be given to those with a plan in place.

While some may argue that this is just throwing more money at the problem, Newsom stressed that the investment must be strategic and intentional to be effective.

He also noted that the state of California just became the fourth largest economy in the world, highlighting the potential for progress.

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