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Severe weather in California has caused a high risk of flooding in many parts of the state, even after the latest storm system has moved on.

Tens of thousands of people are under evacuation orders due to record-setting rain, and dramatic rescue operations, such as a man being trapped in the swollen Los Angeles River, have been caught on video.

Mudslides caused by heavy rain continue to threaten homes in San Clemente, south of Los Angeles.

CBS News correspondent Carter Evans reports that, while the water is receding quickly in some flooded areas, there are still concerns that rain up in the mountains could cause flooding downstream.

Additionally, another atmospheric river is expected to hit the area soon, increasing the risk of flooding everywhere.

People in Pajaro, California, were forced to evacuate after a levee broke, but crews have been able to close the gap, allowing the river to flow correctly.

While there is no water in the town of Pajaro currently, firefighters must check all structures and the water system for safety before allowing people to return.

Furthermore, the danger of mudslides and landslides remains even weeks after the rains due to the saturated ground.

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