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Another severe storm is approaching California, adding to the state’s already battered condition.

The storm is expected to bring heavy rain, further flooding, and the risk of levee failures.

Over the weekend, an atmospheric river caused devastating flooding, leading to road closures, two deaths, and thousands being forced out of their homes.

Local authorities are using the calm before the storm to complete any remaining rescues, convince people to evacuate, and get resources in the right places.

The Fresno River is currently above normal levels, and another storm is expected to hit tonight, which could dump more inches of rain.

A levee breach in Pajaro has caused flooding in the community, with a 150-foot section of the levee affected.

The brake is too big to drop sanded rocks on it from the air, and the flow is too much to approach it from the ground.

Central California, where a lot of rain has been falling, grows half of the nation’s vegetables and three-quarters of the nation’s fruits and nuts.

The severe storms are causing problems for farmworkers, leading to potential crop losses and price increases felt across the country.

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