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Heavy rainstorms hit California on Wednesday, leading to power outages, road closures, and evacuations in several areas.

The region has been experiencing an unusually wet season following two decades of drought.

An atmospheric river caused the rain and created havoc on roads, endangering homes and residents.

In the beachfront community of San Clemente, landslides and evacuations led to a rare sight – a swimming pool hanging over the edge of a cliff.

Orange County Fire Authority Captain, Tan Nguyen, believes the pool’s precarious position is due to the amount of rain that has saturated the landscape.

The city of Porterville also faced flooding risks from already swollen streams, leading to evacuation orders and concerns for residents’ safety.

Longtime residents, such as Ralph McLaughlin, fear losing their property and vehicles due to the floods.

With more rain expected, residents are left feeling scared and worried about the future.

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