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Busy Weekend for Restaurants with Mother’s Day and Graduation

Next weekend is expected to be a busy one for Hawaii restaurants as Mother’s Day and graduations coincide.

Those who have yet to make reservations may still be in luck, with some availability remaining.

Restaurants in Hawaii are gearing up for what is anticipated to be their busiest time for reservations.

With Mother’s Day just a week away and graduations also taking place during the same weekend, it is advised to plan ahead.

Michael Miller, a restaurant representative, warns that most places will be busy, stating, “If you don’t have a reservation that day because most of the places that are doing a great job are going to be busy.”

While popular establishments like 53 by the Sea have been fully booked for weeks, there may be more availability during Sunday evening.

Restaurants are making sure to have a fully staffed team to handle the increased demand.

Royce Takahashi, a restaurant staff member, emphasizes the importance of mental preparedness and having a game plan for efficient service.

Preparations for this busy weekend have been underway for at least two months in many kitchens.

Additional staff members have been brought in to help with the high volume of customers.

Miller explains, “A lot of the night staff will come in and work.

We have to bring in additional people into the kitchen to help prep for that volume.”

This year, restaurants are facing additional challenges such as rising ingredient costs and determining reasonable prices for customers.

However, many establishments, like Michael Miller’s, have purposely priced their menus lower than others in the industry.

Miller states, “We didn’t want to gouge families, so we thought ours was fair, to help cover our costs, make a little bit of money, but really give a great experience.”

Even on the day itself, some restaurants may still have limited availability for walk-in customers or offer bar seating if there are openings.

Sheryl Matsuoka, Executive Director of the Hawaii Restaurant Association, advises patrons to notify restaurants promptly if they need to cancel their reservations, as there may be others who are looking for available slots.

Matsuoka suggests calling the restaurant directly, as sometimes cancellations occur, and new openings may arise.

With Mother’s Day and graduation celebrations converging on the same weekend, Hawaii’s restaurants are preparing for a surge in demand.

Customers are encouraged to plan ahead, make reservations in advance, and communicate promptly with the restaurants to ensure a smooth dining experience during this bustling period.

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