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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

The police officer displayed good instincts when he discovered a car connected to a suspicious person. Within seconds, he interrupted a burglary in progress at a residence in Arenda.

The homeowners arrived hours later, but the police requested their cooperation and refrained from commenting on the situation. Crime scene technicians searched the five-bedroom house for evidence while police asked the homeowners to examine various items.

The incident began when Arenda police received calls about a suspicious person on Nicker Bacher Lane. An officer spotted a Chevy Camaro linked to the suspect on the driveway of a home on Lloyd Lane, off Moraga Way. Upon checking the license plate, the officer discovered it belonged to a 2003 Honda. In a matter of moments, the officer intercepted multiple suspects as they exited the front door, carrying stolen items.

The suspects dropped the items, retreated back into the house, and fled through the backdoor. The officer managed to apprehend one suspect and requested additional officers. Due to Arenda’s affiliation with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, deputies from Lafayette and Danville Police as well as BART San Ramone and Moraga Police converged at the scene. A portion of Moraga Way was closed during the search, and residents were advised to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity.

One suspect was found hiding under a shed. Our cameras captured authorities taking one of the suspects, who had been tased, from a stretcher to a police car. A BART police officer and their canine searched the property, checking neighboring houses for signs of the third suspect. Additionally, officers employed a drone to conduct an aerial search of the area.

The drone repeatedly played a recording, warning that the Sheriff’s Office had surrounded the area and advising any potential suspects to surrender peacefully to avoid being bitten by the canine. Unfortunately, the third suspect managed to escape custody. One of the arrested suspects has been identified as 30-year-old Dennis Windham, who is on parole for burglary in San Francisco.

In summary, two individuals have been apprehended, while the authorities continue their search for the remaining suspect..

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