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Bump-outs Installed at One of Milwaukee’s Worst Intersections

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works has undertaken a project to address one of the city’s most dangerous intersections by installing bump-outs.

This initiative comes after six years of relentless efforts by a grassroots group advocating for the implementation of these safety measures.

The presence of orange construction barrels and poured concrete along West Capitol Drive near 51st Boulevard has generated excitement among residents, particularly Steve O’Connell.

As the former chair of the Sherman Park Reckless Driving Task Force and a local resident, O’Connell has been working tirelessly to secure curb extensions or bump-outs along Capitol Drive.

“After six years of dedicated work, we are thrilled to witness the changes we’ve been demanding along this street.

Bump-outs have been our constant request,” expressed O’Connell.

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works has identified areas in the city as part of its Reckless Driving Mitigation Plan, aiming to enhance safety by incorporating various modifications to the streets, including bump-outs.

The project encompasses Capitol Drive from 67th Street to 47th Street.

The primary objective of the bump-outs is to deter drivers from misusing parking lanes to overtake other vehicles, effectively narrowing the driving lanes.

This measure significantly reduces the likelihood of the dangerous passing maneuver known as the “Milwaukee Slider” performed on the right side of the road.

Moreover, the introduction of bump-outs also benefits pedestrians, as it shortens the distance they need to cross the street.

Additionally, city officials hope that these safety measures will improve the intersection’s overall safety, particularly at Capitol and 51st, which was identified as one of the top three most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Red Light Running Study conducted last year.

The intersection has been marred by a high number of serious crashes and resulting injuries.

Steve O’Connell believes that this project marks the beginning of positive change for the safety of everyone in the city.

“It’s crucial to focus on these critical areas that demand attention.

The more we bring attention to them, the more the city authorities will take notice, as it stems from the community and individuals directly impacted by the street and its drivers,” he explained.

The Department of Public Works estimates that the entire project will take a couple of weeks to complete.

O’Connell emphasizes that he will continue advocating for further safety improvements along Capitol Drive, including changes in the timing of traffic lights to further slow down vehicles.

With the installation of bump-outs at this perilous intersection, Milwaukee is taking a significant step towards enhancing road safety and protecting the well-being of its residents and pedestrians.

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