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BTS member Jim solidified his status as the reigning king of K-pop by emerging victorious in the global popularity poll for the 148th week. In the first week of November (October 30th to November 5th) in particular, Jim claimed the first spot in the weekly rankings of the KD Global K-pop Idol popularity poll.

This marked his 146th time achieving the top spot and breaking his own record for the most weekly rankings. Throughout the week, Jim garnered a staggering 82,337,558 Hearts from his fans across the globe.

Jim, who previously secured first place in the monthly rankings for September and October, currently holds a remarkable 13.6 billion cumulative votes, keeping his spot at the top of the Hall of Fame by a significant margin of almost 5.5 billion votes ahead of the second-place idol. As of November 10th, Jim continues to reign supreme in terms of cumulative votes, with a total of 13,681,254,371 votes.

He also holds the records for the most daily votes (9,914 times), most weekly votes (146 times), and most monthly votes (31 times). Additionally, Jim has achieved the highest number of daily votes (2,686,681,912), most weekly votes (2,749,178,562), most monthly votes (3,668,765,045), and most anniversary votes (2,686,681,922). Jim has maintained his position in the daily rankings for an impressive 61 consecutive days, securing nine wins in total. The K-doll app, a global K-pop Idol popularity voting service that allows fans from all over the world to participate, includes votes from users in the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea.

The app’s real-time ranking system and vote counting accurately reflect the votes of participating users both at home and abroad. Daily votes are tallied at midnight Korean time, while weekly and monthly rankings, as well as overall votes, contribute to the Hall of Famer title. Meanwhile, the September Kall monthly ranking results have led to congratulatory advertisements being displayed at two Soul subway stations – Chong Dam station and Gang Nangu office station – until November 17th.

With these achievements, BTS member Jim once again demonstrates his unrivaled reign as the embodiment of K-pop popularity, firmly securing the top position in the weekly Idol popularity poll. This poll, conducted by a prominent entertainment magazine, gathered votes from fans worldwide and further confirms Jim’s unwavering dominance in the realm of K-pop. Known as the king of K-pop, Jim’s extraordinary talent, captivating stage presence, and immense global fan following consistently highlight his magnetic appeal..

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