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Breezy Monday, Warmer Days Ahead
The week ahead is looking bright and sunny, with temperatures returning to summer levels.

Yesterday saw a high of 74 degrees, with some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the west.

Morning lows are in the fifties, a few degrees above average.

However, this morning may still be in the upper forties.

The last 18 hours saw showers and thunderstorms scattered across the area, mostly favoring the northern half.
Today, there will be a west-northwest wind picking up, with breezy conditions and gusts up to 20-30 mph.

However, the day is expected to be sunny overall, with early morning clouds filtering out.

High temperatures will be in the upper sixties, with winds of about 15-25 mph.
The week ahead will continue to see high pressure building in, clearing skies for the next three days and gradually letting clouds build back up.

Temperatures will also be warming up, with mid-seventies expected tonight and lower eighties starting on Wednesday.

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