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Breeze Airways Celebrates Inaugural Non-Stop Flight from TF Green to Los Angeles

Breeze Airways, a low-cost airline, is marking a significant milestone as it launches its first non-stop flight from Rhode Island’s T.F.

Green International Airport to Los Angeles.

The airline is celebrating the introduction of seven new flights from TF Green, including the first regularly scheduled direct flights to the West Coast.

The inaugural coast-to-coast flight, designated as Breeze Airways Flight 700, departed from California earlier this morning.

Over the next week, Breeze Airways has scheduled three additional non-stop flights from TF Green.

Passengers like Nick Karalis and his family expressed their excitement for this new travel opportunity.

Karalis mentioned that they took advantage of a great deal and decided to embark on a trip to Disneyland instead of their usual Disneyworld destination.

The introduction of these new non-stop flights is seen as an opportunity for travelers due to the affordability and availability provided by Breeze Airways.

Airport officials are optimistic about the future, with hopes of expanding flights to destinations such as the Caribbean and Europe.

Breeze Airways President and CEO, Iftikhar Ahmed, shared his aspirations for further growth, stating that the airline’s flight expansion at TF Green is just the beginning.

The airline’s president, Tom Doxey, expressed pride in offering the longest flight on their roster with the newly launched route to Los Angeles.

Breeze Airways is not stopping there, as they have plans to commence non-stop flights to Tampa, Jacksonville, and Richmond starting tomorrow.

In July, the airline will extend its services to Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Orlando.

Doxey reflected on the airline’s journey, mentioning that flying across the country non-stop was a significant aspect of their early discussions.

The introduction of these direct flights serves as evidence of Breeze Airways’ commitment to TF Green, which was announced as the airline’s operational base earlier this year.

This decision has led to job opportunities for local communities, including hiring mechanics and flight crews.

According to Ahmed, this marks the first time TF Green has become a hub for an airline, signifying a positive development for the airport.

Breeze Airways has ambitious plans, aiming to serve 20 or more destinations from TF Green by 2027.

Passengers and aviation enthusiasts alike are looking forward to experiencing the convenience and affordability brought by Breeze Airways’ expanding route network, connecting TF Green with more destinations across the United States and potentially beyond.

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