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New Mexico State University (NMSU) has released findings from an independent investigation conducted by the Rodey Law Firm regarding a shooting incident last November involving NMSU basketball player Mike Peak.

According to the law firm’s two-page document, there were no violations of NCAA or Whack rules, and NMSU did not fail to meet its legal obligations to its students.

However, some witnesses, including multiple NMSU players and coaches, either refused to be interviewed or were unavailable.

The law firm recommended improved team curfews, a weapons policy that strictly prohibits student-athletes from having firearms during school-sanctioned trips or activities, better communication with law enforcement, and more.

The investigation was conducted after a deadly shooting on November 19th in which NMSU basketball player Mike Peak was assaulted in Albuquerque by three UNM students.

Peak and Brandon Travis then exchanged gunfire, resulting in Travis’s death and Peak’s injury.

Three Aggies players arrived after the shooting to aid Peak, and NMSU head coach Greg Heyer, assistants Nominee Taylor, Lorenzo Jenkins, and others spoke with law enforcement that day, handing over key pieces of evidence.

No one involved with NMSU has been charged with a crime in this case.

Three UNM students have been charged for their actions.

NMSU is also investigating serious hazing allegations against three of their players.

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