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Bradenton Police Search for Missing Woman Believed to be Victim of Kidnapping Following Workplace Shooting

Bradenton, FL – Authorities in Bradenton are actively searching for a missing woman who is believed to be a victim of kidnapping after a shooting incident at a local plant.

The incident occurred on Monday night, just after 10:00 PM, at the Tropicana Plant, where a shooting took place.

The police have identified the suspected shooter as 50-year-old Demetrius Bell, who is currently at large.

During the investigation, law enforcement discovered another potential victim in connection with the shooting.

The missing woman, identified as 38-year-old Alicia, has been reported as an endangered individual, raising concerns about her safety.

According to the Bradenton Police Department, security footage from the Tropicana Plant shows Alicia leaving with Bell shortly after the shooting.

It remains unclear whether she left willingly or under duress, making it crucial to establish contact with her to determine the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Neighbors of Alicia were shocked to learn about her involvement in the incident.

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed disbelief and recounted their past interactions, noting that Alicia appeared to be a kind and friendly person.

The neighbor, unwilling to appear on television due to Bell still being on the run, stated, “I’m so shocked because I know I’ve never seen such a man before.”

Demetrius Bell has a lengthy and violent criminal history dating back to 1992, including a previous conviction for kidnapping and assault.

The police urge anyone with information about his whereabouts or the missing woman’s location to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

Local authorities, in collaboration with state and national law enforcement agencies, are working diligently to locate Demetrius Bell and ensure the safe return of Alicia.

Updates on the investigation will be provided as new information becomes available.

Disclaimer: This news article is based on the provided information and may be subject to updates and revisions as the story develops.

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