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Title: Bowie High School Faces Multiple Threats, School Canceled as Investigation Ensues

Date: May 6, 2023

Following a student’s alleged threats of violence towards students in the Bowie Independent School District, another unrelated threat of violence has been discovered, leading to the cancellation of school activities.

The Bowie High School administration, along with local law enforcement, is diligently investigating the matter to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Superintendent Blake Enlow stated that the second threat was brought to their attention via a screenshot circulating on Snapchat.

The origin of the threat remains unknown, prompting the school district and the Bowie Police Department to collaborate closely in their efforts to identify the source and ascertain the credibility of the message.

Parents and staff in multiple school districts expressed concern over the situation.

Enlow emphasized the seriousness with which they are treating the threats, stating, “We took this extra seriously when it came out.” The message contained violent content, including a specific date mentioned, May 5, 2023, with a chilling statement: “Friday, I will make history as the top school slaughter.” Despite the message’s dissemination across the country, Enlow and law enforcement decided to prioritize the safety of the students and canceled school for the day.

Although the authorities have determined that the threat wasn’t directly aimed at Bowie High School or the Bowie Independent School District, Enlow stressed the need for caution and thorough investigation.

Similar chat threads have been reported in districts across Florida, Oklahoma, and other areas of Texas.

With students’ safety as their utmost priority, the decision was made to err on the side of caution.

Chief of Police Guy Green assured the community that they are prepared for any situation and that ensuring the safety of the school is their daily commitment.

Green said, “That’s an everyday thing for us to always be thinking about what’s going to happen at this school, could this happen, what do we do if this happens, so we’re always at a heightened level.”

While the authorities believe the threat to be false, the investigation will continue until the origin of the message is discovered.

School activities were canceled for the day, but normal school operations are expected to resume tomorrow.

However, there will be an increased presence of law enforcement both on the school campus and in the surrounding area to provide a sense of security for students and staff.

Residents of Wichita Falls and Wichita County should note that there is no voting scheduled for tomorrow in these areas.

However, residents in four other Texoma areas will have significant school district-related matters to consider.

The Bowie High School community remains vigilant as the investigation progresses, ensuring that the safety and well-being of students are of utmost importance during this challenging time.

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