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In a recent interview on Fox Business, National Border Patrol Council Vice President, Art Del Cueto, criticized President Biden’s plan for a “safe” mass release of migrants, calling it “extremely ridiculous.” Del Cueto expressed his concerns about the border crisis and the impending termination of Title 42, which allows for the expulsion of migrants due to public health concerns.

He described the situation at the border as chaotic and frustrating, with agents having their duties minimized while the administration focuses on processing individuals faster, knowing they will be released into the United States.

Del Cueto highlighted the detrimental impact of this approach, stating that drug cartels are taking advantage of the situation and continuing to bring drugs into the country.

He also raised alarm about the administration’s decision to authorize the release of migrants without court dates or any means to track them, emphasizing the lack of knowledge regarding who is entering the country.

When asked about the consequences of tens of thousands of migrants arriving in towns and states across America, Del Cueto warned that the reality would soon hit everyone.

He criticized the idea of sanctuary cities and emphasized the need to secure the front door, as leaving it open would result in theft.

Del Cueto acknowledged the potential for clashes between police officers and migrants at state lines, highlighting the possibility of violence.

Del Cueto suggested that the administration could stop the influx of migrants by implementing proper policies and returning those who do not meet the necessary criteria.

While acknowledging the challenge of managing the large number of people rushing the border, he argued that detaining individuals and implementing appropriate policies would help control the situation.

The interview shed light on the concerns and frustrations of border patrol agents regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis.

Del Cueto’s criticisms centered on the perceived prioritization of political activism over effective law enforcement and the potential consequences of uncontrolled mass migration.

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