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Former President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton has responded to Trump’s recent post on social media, where he expects to be arrested in connection with the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Bolton stated that if Trump is about to be arrested, it almost certainly means he’s going to be indicted first.

Bolton strongly believes in one rule of law for everybody and hopes that the prosecutors in New York are very certain of their case.

He also stated that if they indict and fail to convict in New York, historians would look back and say that is the act that reelected Donald Trump president.

Bolton also expressed concern about Trump calling for protests, as it is reminiscent of the January 6th incident, which he believes was a riot and not an attempted coup.

Bolton emphasized the need for law enforcement to be cautious in handling the situation, as any misstep could give Trump an excuse to claim that he is the most persecuted man in the world.

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