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California prepares for yet another potentially dangerous atmospheric river bringing heavy rain and flooding Boca Raton Man Arrested for Aggressively Pushing Against Police During Jan 6th Capitol Riot

Boca Raton Man Arrested in Connection with Jan 6th Riot at Capitol

Federal investigators have arrested a Boca Raton man, Richard Cook, in connection with the Jan 6th riot at the U.S.


Cook was accused of aggressively pushing back against police officers during the attack, according to court documents.

Investigators provided screenshots of videos taken inside and outside the Capitol that they say helped make their case against Cook.

The screenshots allegedly show Cook repeatedly taking part in the riot and using significant effort to push against police lines.

Investigators also released a picture of a Capitol police officer who they say was crushed between a door and the crowd.

Using facial recognition, investigators were able to match Cook’s picture with a previous mugshot of him.

Cook has been arrested on a felony civil disorder charge and other misdemeanors and will be extradited to Washington, D.C.

He is one of nearly 1000 people arrested for crimes related to the breach of the Capitol on Jan 6th.

The investigation is ongoing.

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