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School Security Becomes a Bipartisan Concern Amid Rising School Shootings

In the wake of a series of tragic school shootings, politicians from both sides of the political spectrum are coming together to address the issue of school security.

While they may differ on various solutions, there is unanimous agreement on the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Schools across the nation are utilizing the $1 billion federal funding allocated for school safety to implement necessary changes.

The Congressional Budget Office has warned of a potential default occurring within the first two weeks of June, further emphasizing the critical nature of this issue.

In response to the recent campus shootings, cities throughout the United States are reconsidering their decision to withdraw officers from schools.

President Joe Biden has expressed openness to certain measures to address this pressing concern.

Reporting live from Los Angeles, Nancy Loo highlights the renewed calls to fortify classroom defenses.

Despite significant disagreements between Republicans and Democrats regarding gun legislation, school security remains an area of common ground.

Consequently, many public schools are likely to witness the implementation of heightened security measures such as increased deployment of metal detectors, updated surveillance systems, and even armed guards.

This momentum for improved security comes in light of a surge in deadly school shooting incidents, including one that tragically claimed the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers.

The Federal School Crime and Safety Report from 2021 revealed that there were 93 school shootings resulting in casualties that academic year, with 43 of those incidents being deadly.

This marks the highest number of shootings in over two decades.

Both former Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, have been urging states to invest more in school security.

Meanwhile, President Biden, as reported by Politico, has indicated that he will not obstruct such efforts.

While emphasizing that schools should not feel like prisons, President Biden has reminded state officials of the approved funds from last year that can be allocated towards police presence, metal detectors, or active shooter drills.

While not all schools currently employ metal detectors, these screenings may become more commonplace as a result of these developments.

Louisiana has become the first state to receive a portion of the billion-dollar federal funding, with plans to allocate $21 million to bolster school entryways and install enhanced surveillance systems.

As school security continues to be a pressing concern nationwide, politicians from different parties are finding common ground and prioritizing the safety of students and educators.

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