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Bill Could Delay New PFAS Rules in Maine

Maine’s ban on most products containing PFAS until 2030 remains intact, but a groundbreaking law that requires manufacturers to disclose products containing PFAS chemicals to the state might face a postponement.

This week, the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee reached a unanimous decision to extend the implementation of the law by two years.

Initially introduced in July 2021, the law mandated companies to report products containing PFAS chemicals by January of this year.

However, out of the numerous companies, only 60 were able to comply, resulting in the state issuing over 2,500 extensions.

Recognizing the need for more time, the committee is now supporting a bill that would grant the state additional time to develop improved regulations for product reporting with PFAS.

Committee members argue that this delay would not only provide the state with a better framework but also offer businesses an opportunity to conduct thorough product testing.

PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” have been associated with severe health issues, including cancer.

The ban on most products containing PFAS by 2030 in Maine remains in effect, while the bill addressing the postponement will proceed to the full legislature for voting.

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