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NEWS CENTER Maine Weather Forecast: Big Storm Expected on Monday Night

The weather forecast for Maine has been updated for 6 pm on Friday, March 10th.

Although there’s good news that we’ve made it to the weekend, we will lose an hour of sleep on Sunday due to the change in clocks.

However, we can expect some sunshine over the weekend.

The evening temperatures are not too bad, and there are no weather problems for those heading out tonight.

In fact, the weekend looks fantastic, especially for those planning to go skiing or snowmobiling.

Currently, winds are variable at 5-10 miles per hour, but they will start to increase out of the Northeast over the next six to 12 hours.

Mostly clear skies are expected, but high think clouds are moving in from the south associated with a storm system that will be diving towards us.

However, this storm is going to take a Southeastern track and avoid us, thanks to high pressure wedging in, which will keep us dry overnight.

On Saturday, we will see some clouds increasing overnight, and temperatures dropping into the mid to Upper 20s.

Teens far north could see some snow flurries developing along the coastline as winds turn more onshore.

However, most of the moisture will stay to ourself and knock on our doorstep in Portsmouth before moving out.

Sunday is expected to have high pressure building in, making it a decent day.

However, a storm system is expected to eject off the Mid-Atlantic Coastline, taking a course just south of Cape Cod, which could result in a huge difference.

But right now, both major forecast models are basically saying the same thing.

We’re definitely going to be dealing with some wind, some snow, and possibly mixed snow or rain along the coastline.

The preliminary snow map shows a jackpot double-digit potential across the mountains Foothills along the coastline, which is where we have to watch.

We’re really concerned about that because we will be dealing with some gusty winds, which could cause power outages.

There are also a couple of high tide cycles that we need to get through, so stick with us over the weekend.

Although the weekend looks fantastic, all eyes are on next week.

The big story is the storm that is expected to hit on Monday night into Tuesday, and it’s actually going to last into Wednesday morning.

The seven-day forecast shows the weekend looking good, with the clocks being turned ahead, but everyone needs to be prepared for the big storm next week.

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