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The Real Reason Why Big Games Discontinued Weekly Updates in Pet Simulator X

In a surprising announcement, Big Games, the creators of Pet Simulator X on Roblox, have revealed that they will no longer be providing weekly updates for the popular game.

This news has left many players saddened and curious about the reasoning behind this decision.

The decision to discontinue weekly updates stems from feedback received from the player community.

It appears that some players have expressed concerns that the constant stream of updates has led to an overwhelming amount of content in the game.

According to these players, the updates have not been well-thought-out, making it difficult for them to keep up.

This sentiment is shared by a number of creators and even some players who believe that the frequency of updates has become too much to handle.

With updates being released one after another, it has become a challenge for players to stay up to date and fully enjoy the game.

However, it’s not all bad news.

Big Games has assured the community that the weekly updates will not completely disappear.

Instead, they will be transitioning to a bi-weekly update schedule, meaning updates will be released every two weeks.

The purpose behind this change is to give players more time to catch up and alleviate the feeling of being rushed.

In their announcement, Big Games stated, “it will help you have time to catch up and not be so rushed.” This change is expected to benefit both the players and the developers, as it will allow more time for careful planning and thoughtful execution of each update.

The reaction to this decision is divided among the player base.

Some are supportive of the change, believing that it will ultimately lead to better updates and a more balanced gameplay experience.

Others, however, are disappointed and will miss the excitement of weekly updates.

What do you think about this decision? Do you believe that Big Games made the right choice? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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