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In a recent discussion, Ben Domenech, Editor-at-Large of The Spectator and a contributor to Fox News, highlighted the White House’s reluctance to address the revelations from the Durham report.

Domenech emphasized that President Biden cannot escape the political consequences of what has been uncovered in the report.

According to Domenech, there are numerous individuals working to shield themselves from the actions taken during the previous administration.

However, the revelations from the report are significant and impossible for Biden to politically evade.

Domenech believes that the report continues to uncover information that will have lasting ramifications.

The report exposes the breaking of every rule in an attempt to fabricate collusion allegations against Donald Trump, both during his candidacy and while he was in office, as a means of diverting attention away from him.

Domenech criticizes this behavior, labeling it as unacceptable from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

He suggests that the White House should be at the forefront, condemning such actions and assuring the American people that they will not tolerate such behavior.

However, instead of addressing the report head-on, the White House has chosen to distance itself from the findings.

Domenech also brings attention to individuals like Peter Strzok who have seemingly profited from the entire situation.

This raises concerns about the integrity of future elections, and instead of confronting the issue, the White House seems to be avoiding it.

The avoidance of addressing the revelations in the Durham report by the Biden administration continues to draw criticism and raises questions about the political implications and consequences of the findings.

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