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Biden’s New Immigration Measures Allow Migrants to Bypass System, GOP Representative Claims

In a recent interview on ‘Varney & Co.’ on Fox Business, Representative Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee expressed her concerns regarding the White House’s handling of the border crisis.

The discussion revolved around the claim made by the Biden administration that border arrests have decreased by 70% since the expiration of Title 42 last month.

Blackburn disagreed with the administration’s assertion that the new rules implemented at the border have deterred migrants from crossing.

Instead, she accused the administration of finding ways to make illegal immigration legal.

According to Blackburn, an app has been created that allows up to 40,000 people to apply for legal status, thereby circumventing the traditional immigration process.

The representative also highlighted the overwhelmed state of the Border Patrol, who are reportedly unable to handle the influx of migrants.

Blackburn argued that the decrease in arrests is not due to a decrease in attempted illegal crossings, but rather because individuals are not being apprehended.

This situation, she claims, has emboldened cartels to exploit vulnerabilities in the system by diverting their activities away from Border Patrol areas.

Blackburn further criticized the Biden administration for its alleged open border policy and aggressive attempts to legitimize illegal immigration.

She expressed skepticism about the administration’s data and accused them of manipulating numbers to fit their narrative.

During the interview, Blackburn also discussed her proposal to implement DNA testing for children at the border.

She explained that the purpose of this measure is to combat child recycling, a practice in which cartel members use children as a means to gain entry into the country and claim asylum.

By requiring DNA tests and criminalizing child recycling, Blackburn aims to deter such activities and ensure the proper processing of unaccompanied minors by the Department of Homeland Security.

The representative emphasized the urgency of implementing DNA testing, as it was a previously effective measure that prevented the exploitation of children.

She stated that reinstating this practice could potentially save lives and urged the administration to prioritize its reinstatement.

The situation at the border continues to be a matter of concern and debate, with Republicans and Democrats offering contrasting views on the efficacy of the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

The issue remains a pressing one, as the border crisis and its associated challenges persist.

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