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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

The cover of the New York Post this morning features the headline “Hunter becomes the hunted” as the house oversight committee intensifies its impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Chairman James Comr has issued subpoenas to Hunter James Biden, his business associate Rob Walker, and other members of the Biden family as part of an investigation into their business dealings. Fox’s legal analyst, Carrie Kek Urban, joins us to discuss the matter. Yesterday, Hunter’s lawyer stated that he is willing to appear publicly at the appropriate time, although it is unclear when that will be.

Other family members do not have a choice as the subpoenas carry legal weight. The Republicans, who currently hold the majority in the house, have issued the subpoenas.

The specific dates requested for their appearances span the next six or seven weeks. Congressman Comr and his committee have done an impressive job investigating the Biden family business, gradually uncovering more information.

It seems that they are trying to establish a pattern of influence pedaling, which is not necessarily illegal but becomes problematic if government officials receive something of value in exchange for official acts. They are examining the time period during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and afterwards to establish any connections. Shifting gears to the civil trial involving Ivanka Trump, she spoke for five hours in the courtroom.

The case is not against her as it has been dismissed, but her presence in the courtroom was notable. Ivanka remained calm and composed while the government’s lawyer took an aggressive approach.

He would raise his voice at her when frustrated, which felt like a bullying tactic. Ivanka’s lawyers repeatedly objected to the relevance of the questions asked, as they went beyond the limitations defined by the statute of limitations.

Overall, the proceedings have been like a big circus. Thank you, Carrie, for providing your insights.

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