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Bernalillo County First Responders Search for Two Missing Hikers in Heavy Snow

Bernalillo County fire and sheriff’s department are currently searching for two missing hikers in the Upper Lewis Trail.

The search began following a report of the missing hikers, and the responders are working tirelessly to locate them.

At present, very little information is known about the missing individuals or their whereabouts, but officials say that it is currently snowing heavily in the area, which could make the search more difficult.

The Bernalillo County fire and sheriff’s department have not released any further details about the search, and it is unclear how long it will continue.

The missing hikers’ families and loved ones are no doubt waiting anxiously for news of their safety, and the community is urged to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

As of now, the search and rescue operation is ongoing, and the authorities are asking anyone with information about the missing hikers to come forward.

Updates will be provided as they become available, and the public is advised to avoid the Upper Lewis Trail until the search is complete.

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