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Wild 94.9 radio host JV, whose real name is Jeffrey Vandergrift, has been found dead in the water near Pier 30 39, San Francisco.

He had been missing for about a month, and his body was discovered on Wednesday.

The chief medical examiner confirmed his death, and there was no evidence of foul play.

JV was considered an icon in Bay Area radio, and his listeners, co-workers, and many more are expressing their grief over his passing.

He had hosted his radio show on the same day he vanished and spoke openly about his fight with Lyme disease.

JV’s wife, Natasha Yi, released a statement on March 1, suggesting that he would not be coming back.

The radio host was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2021, and he described his symptoms of brain fog, anxiety, and depression on his show.

A memorial outside the 94.9 station on Townsend Street is growing as people leave flowers and signs thanking JV for being a part of their lives.

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