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Bay Area residents can expect more wind and a slight cooling trend on Sunday, according to the Microclimate Forecast by meteorologist Rob Mayeda.

The day will start with low clouds and some drizzle, thanks to stronger onshore winds.

Saturday’s summer-like highs will give way to slightly lower temperatures.

A hot air balloon incident occurred, but fortunately, the pilot landed safely, and no one was injured.

The police provided the pilot with additional propane to continue his journey.

Overall, the weather conditions are favorable, with blue skies visible behind the hot air balloon.

Microclimates in the Bay Area will vary, with temperatures ranging from the 50s and 60s to the 90s inland.

Livermore currently stands at 90 degrees, and the Tri-Valley region experienced mid-90s temperatures earlier in the afternoon.

Areas near San Rafael still have some 80s, while closer to San Francisco, temperatures are cooler due to the influence of ocean air conditioning.

The wind is not too strong at the moment, but fog can be seen rolling across the Golden Gate Bridge at around 60 degrees.

The temperature spread is quite significant, creating an unusual Mother’s Day weekend in May.

The temperatures range from the 50s to the 90s across the region.

However, one notable change is expected for tomorrow morning: stronger onshore winds will bring in low clouds and possibly some drizzle during breakfast or brunch time.

By noon, temperatures will climb into the 70s and 80s, with mid-80s likely to be the warmest for Sunday.

The wind speeds will pick up in the afternoon, reaching gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour by tomorrow evening.

This will lead to a short-term cooling effect in the Bay Area, combined with the presence of clouds, resembling an “air conditioning” effect.

Changes are expected to occur towards Lake County and the northern areas, as an upper-level low tracks to the north.

Storm chances are likely to stay away from the Bay Area, but they will be a factor for the sea area and areas north of Lake County throughout the week.

Monday and Tuesday will see a slight rebound in numbers, with temperatures briefly attempting to reach the 90s again.

Not much change is expected until Wednesday, as high pressure remains dominant.

However, an area of low pressure off the west coast will prevent the ridge from becoming too strong.

Currently, it appears that temperatures will remain in the 80s to near 90, with a chance of thunderstorms around the Sierra Nevada region.

For those planning to visit Yosemite, the Merced River levels could approach flood stage by the middle of next week as temperatures climb in the Sierra.

San Francisco temperatures will trend slightly warmer after the Sunday cooldown, with Tuesday expected to be the warmest day of the week.

The warming trend will continue heading into the next weekend.

However, tomorrow’s weather will be cooler than recent days and should provide a great environment for outdoor activities.

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