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Bay Area Forecast: Rain Chances Return, Warming Trend Ahead

The Bay Area can expect a mix of rain and sunshine in the coming days, with a warming trend on the horizon.

According to meteorologist Rob Mayeda, the region will experience some showers on Monday, gradually decreasing by late afternoon and evening.

While the day promises to be pleasant for outdoor activities, Mayeda warns of potential changes in the weather next weekend.

Mayeda predicts that temperatures in the valleys could reach the 80s, and possibly even the 90s, providing ideal conditions for outdoor plans.

However, before reaching that point, there is one more chance of rain in the forecast.

Late tonight and into the first half of Monday, the Bay Area might see a little bit of rain.

Currently, the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, similar to what is expected on Monday and Tuesday.

It is in the latter half of the week that temperatures will start to rise.

A weather system approaching the North Coast and the North Bay will bring rain, with projections indicating around a quarter to a third of an inch of precipitation.

The areas south of San Francisco may experience less rain, although the Santa Cruz Mountains might see more than predicted.

The rain is expected to arrive just before sunrise tomorrow, starting in the North Bay and gradually moving southward by 9:00 a.m.

As the day progresses, the rain will clear out, making way for breezy conditions.

By lunchtime, the showers should move out of the South Bay.

Despite the rain, temperatures will remain in the 60s to start the week, dropping to the upper 50s along the coast and in San Francisco.

Low clouds will persist throughout the middle part of the week, keeping temperatures down until Tuesday.

However, from Thursday to Saturday, a warming trend is anticipated.

Inland areas can expect temperatures in the 70s on Thursday, increasing to the 80s on Friday.

Saturday will bring temperatures in the 70s and 80s, with areas near the bay reaching close to 90 degrees, especially in Fairfield.

The approaching high-pressure system will result in similar temperatures to the Pacific Northwest, making San Francisco reach the 70s next Saturday.

Valley areas are likely to experience temperatures in the 80s starting from Friday, potentially reaching the mid-80s to close to 90 degrees during the weekend.

Sunday might see a slight cooling trend, but overall, it will be considerably warmer compared to the recent weather.

After the rain expected tomorrow, the Bay Area can look forward to a warming trend, bringing the return of sunny and hotter conditions.

While the heatwave won’t be prolonged, it will certainly be a welcome change from the cooler weather experienced over the weekend.

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