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Bianca Valenti, a big wave surfer from the Bay Area in California, is aiming to end gender disparity in the sport.

Valenti started surfing at the age of seven and quickly became passionate about surfing the biggest waves she could find.

She has become one of the few females to brave the behemoth waves of Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, one of the most legendary and dangerous big wave surf spots in the world.

Valenti admits that she is not fearless, but rather has a healthy respect for fear.

She uses her love for the sport as a platform to help create more opportunities for women in sports.

Valenti is shining a light on the disparities that exist in the sport, such as the fact that there are more spots and competitions for men than women.

She is also fighting to eliminate the gender pay gap for pro surfers.

To make a living while continuing to surf big waves, Valenti has gotten creative by co-owning a restaurant, teaching surf lessons, speaking to businesses, and working a number of other side hustles.

She hopes that her efforts will inspire others to fight for equality in sports.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, KTVU Fox 2 News is asking viewers to send in stories of women who deserve recognition.

If you’d like to pay tribute to a woman in your life, you can scan the code on your screen or visit KTVU’s website.

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