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New data released today shows that 99% of the Bay Area is now drought-free after a series of impactful storms this winter.

Statewide, 64% of California is now also drought-free, marking major improvements locally and statewide.

This is the best Bay Area conditions that have been seen since February of 2020.

The current drought started over three years ago in February 2020.

Despite being in a La Nina year, three things came together to bring more rainfall to the state: the jet stream was closer to California, the Madden Julian oscillation was in a favorable position, and the climate is warming, allowing the atmosphere to hold more moisture.

However, the spring flood outlook from NOAA shows a moderate risk of flooding across parts of California due to saturated soils and the snowpack that will eventually melt.

Nonetheless, this winter has erased a huge portion of the drought across California.

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