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Attorneys at odds over key evidence for case against Tampa father accused of killing teen daughter

Bartow High School student involved in the incident is recovering, while another remains in critical condition.

Prosecutors are alleging that a Tampa father, Sean Shannon, committed the ultimate betrayal by killing his teenage daughter.

Shannon’s trial has been scheduled for September, but both the defense and prosecutors are currently engaged in a battle over crucial evidence.

Fox 13’s Gloria Gomez explores the significance of the evidence in question.

The tragic case revolves around the death of 13-year-old Vanessa Shannon, allegedly at the hands of her own father.

Sean Shannon, who is currently in custody, is now facing trial for his daughter’s murder.

However, before the trial proceeds, both the defense and the prosecution are fighting over specific evidence.

According to court documents, evidence found on Vanessa’s cellphone indicates that she was sexually active as a teenager.

The state wants this evidence excluded from the trial, but prosecutors also intend to demonstrate that Shannon molested Vanessa and her younger sister.

The defense is vigorously opposing the inclusion of such evidence.

Further complications arise from missing records dating back to July 2017, when Vanessa was sent to live with her father due to misbehavior.

The day after her arrival, Shannon claimed that he woke up to find his daughter missing and reported that she had run away.

The community rallied together to search for the 13-year-old, only to discover her body in a nearby nature preserve.

Notably, a shovel discovered in Shannon’s garage matched the soil at the crime scene, and screws found near Vanessa’s body matched those he had purchased, potentially placing Shannon at the scene of the crime.

This ongoing legal battle is a recurring nightmare for the family, who are forced to relive the tragedy every single day.

The defense and prosecution are now awaiting the judge’s decision on which evidence will be admissible in court.

The trial is set to proceed, and both sides are anxiously awaiting the judge’s ruling on which evidence will be presented before the jury.

The case has attracted significant attention, and the community remains shocked and saddened by the loss of Vanessa Shannon.

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