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Oakland, a collision occurred late Monday night between a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train and a pickup truck that had crashed onto the trackway.

Three individuals sustained injuries in the accident, including the train operator.

The pickup truck had breached a fence line before descending onto the tracks.

Fortunately, the 45 passengers on board the BART train were safely evacuated with the assistance of first responders.

While the condition of the injured parties remains unknown, one train passenger received treatment for injuries, and the driver of the pickup truck underwent a field sobriety test.

The extent of the damage to the pickup truck was substantial.

Witnesses aboard the train reported seeing sparks and feeling the train jolting prior to the collision.

Repair crews worked throughout the early morning to fix the damaged fence line, allowing train service to resume in time for the morning commute.

By around 4:40 AM, the majority of the workers had left the scene, and normal train operations resumed.

Despite the disruption caused by the accident, commuters expressed relief at having emerged unharmed from the incident.

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