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A Bay Area Salt Pond has become a popular attraction for thousands of visitors due to its Barbie-inspired pink color. However, wildlife experts are concerned about the negative impact on the animals in the area.

NBC Bay Area’s Marian Favro reports from Alviso with an exclusive story. Rangers have noticed a significant increase in the number of people, around a thousand per day, coming to the pond to capture the perfect social media photo. While this pink pond has gained celebrity status among fans of the Barbie movie, the attention has brought about some problems for the local wildlife. Many visitors are disregarding signs and venturing onto the beach to take photos, even going as far as stepping into the water.

This disturbance is affecting migratory birds that rely on these ponds as safe resting places with food and shelter. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has expressed concern over the potential harm to the Western Snowy Plover, a threatened species that nests in the area. The agency has issued a warning on Facebook, urging people to stay on the trails and avoid disturbing the wildlife.

Drones have also been used by some visitors to capture images of the pink pond, further causing distress among the birds. The vibrant pink color of the water is the result of microorganisms that thrive in the salty water.

Due to low water levels this year, the pink hue is even more prominent. Rangers are hopeful that visitors can find a way to enjoy the pond’s beauty without disrupting the animals that call it home.

Reporting from Alviso, I’m Mary Fough for NBC Bay Area News..

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