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Are you aware that today is the first Tuesday in November, also known as election day? We have some important information to share with you regarding millage renewals and bond proposals in K County. Additionally, various School District leaders in our community are seeking your support.

Joining us live from the Kent County clerk’s office is Britty Flowers. Good morning Brit, what can voters expect to see on the ballot today? Morning! There are a total of six school districts in Kent County that are looking for voter support today.

Some of them have millage renewals, while others have larger bond proposals. For example, Grand Rapids Public Schools is seeking approval for a 20-year $305 million bond.

The majority of the funds would be allocated for building improvements, but a portion would also be used for technology, safety and security renovations, auditorium upgrades, athletic facilities, and playground enhancements. District leaders emphasize that this proposal would not lead to an increase in taxes, but rather extend the current 3.85 millage rate. East Grand Rapids Public is seeking approval for an $18.9 million bond proposal. The money would be used to fund a three-story addition to the high school, new classrooms at Woodcliffe ECC, upgrades to the Performing Arts Center, athletic facilities, steam labs, technology, HVAC, and plumbing.

Similarly, there would be no tax rate increase from the current rate. Lastly, Forest Hills Public Schools has both an operating millage and a $340 million bond proposal on the ballot. The funding would go towards constructing a new Aquatic Center, improving athletics, fine arts, and community facilities, providing accessible playground equipment, as well as transportation and infrastructure upgrades. The bond would fund these improvements until 2031, without any tax rate increase from the current rate. Polls will open in less than 30 minutes at 7 o’clock this morning, and they will remain open until 8:00.

In the next 20 minutes, I will provide you with everything you need to know if you plan on voting today. Reporting live outside the Kent County Clerk’s Office, this is Britney Flowers for News8. Back to you. Thank you, Britney.

Additionally, the Kent District Library has an operating millage on the ballot. This proposal aims to lower the rate due to an increase in taxable real estate in the area, which would help cover the cost. Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $145 per year for access to library services. The library director expressed hope for the passage of this proposal, as the majority of their funding relies on these dollars. In Ionia, voters will decide whether to approve two amendments to the city Charter.

The first amendment would make the city clerk’s position full-time, while the second amendment would designate all city offices as nonpartisan. Furthermore, in Maasta County’s Green Charter Township, a recall election will take place for several elected leaders who previously supported the proposed Goan EV battery plant. The recall includes a Township supervisor, a Township Clerk, the treasurer, and two trustees.

It is important to note that two board members have already resigned and cannot be recalled in this election. If you have any further questions about the elections, please visit, where you can find details about polling locations, the contents of the ballot, and when the results will be announced. Simply click on the “elections” tab under the news section on our homepage..

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