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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

The Bridgeport mayoral race in Connecticut is receiving widespread attention due to video showing individuals stuffing ballot boxes. This controversy might result in the entire election being redone. Current mayoral candidate John Gomes posted shocking videos on Instagram, revealing multiple people shoving stacks of absentee ballots into dropboxes across Bridgeport. As a result, a Connecticut judge ordered a redo of the mayoral primary between Gomes and Democratic incumbent mayor Joe Ganam.

Ganam, vying for his eighth term as mayor, has a history of corruption and extortion charges, having spent seven years in federal prison back in 2003. Despite defeating Gomes in September by a margin of 251 votes, the judge believed there was enough evidence of potential fraud to warrant the primary redo. More than 15 incidents of alleged ballot stuffing were observed, including within City Hall by elected officials. Both Gomes and Ganam, along with two other candidates, remained on the ballot. Gomes, who switched from Democrat to independent, claimed he would accept the election results if he wins.

However, if he loses, he plans to challenge the vote count, resulting in voters having to cast their ballots twice more in another primary and a second general election on September 12th. Residents of Bridgeport expressed concern over the videos, fearing that their votes may no longer count if cheating is involved. They believe that individuals should personally return their absentee ballots to ensure the integrity of their votes.

When approached for comment, Gomes’ team cited his busy campaign and city obligations as the reason for not speaking on the allegations. The outcome of election and any consequences resulting from this scandal ultimately rest in the hands of the voters. The polls in Bridgeport close at 8:00 tonight..

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