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Man Shot Dead in Tacoma Street, Police Investigate Homicide Bakhmut Is On Fire: Ukrainian Army Defends City Against Zealous Russian Attacks

Bakhmut is On Fire! However…

Amid an intense war, the Ukrainian army is fighting a decisive battle as the Russian army continues to bombard the city of Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian army has been working hard to defend its positions in recent days, and the Novela Supalane reports that the Third Special Assault Brigade of Ukraine has joined forces with people with mortars to help repel the zealous Russian attacks.

The overall commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the commander of the Cersky Eastern Forces group are speaking with determination about strengthening the defense in the city where fighting continues, and the president of the Republic has also announced that the army will receive help.

However, Russian attacks are still ongoing, and civilians must evacuate for their safety.

As they fight for the safety of civilians, these soldiers are also sending weapons and medicine to the army, keeping supply routes open.

Bakhmut has become a strategic objective for Ukraine, as the Russian army fights to capture a major city.

The Ukrainian army is fighting with determination, but can they win this battle? What will be the next move of the Ukrainian Armed Forces? Share your thoughts with us.

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