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Latest developments in Bakhmut! Wagner is uncomfortable with Moscow…

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has announced that defensive operations in the eastern city of Bakhmut will continue and will be supported by senior generals.

The operation has been ongoing for months but has suffered significant losses.

Deputy Mayor Alexander Marchenko stated that Russia has not yet taken control of the city, while Afghan commander Pregosin of the Wagner Special Forces complained of a lack of ammunition.

However, it now appears that Wagner’s boss in Afghanistan, Russia’s Preliminary Measures, claims that the reason his army has no access to ammunition is due to those who betrayed Russia.

He suggests that the competition between the regular Russian army and mercenaries has intensified in recent weeks and implies that the Russian Ministry of Defense has betrayed the private Wagner army by not providing them with ammunition.

Despite the lack of supplies, the Ukrainian army managed to win this battle.

What will be the next move of the Ukrainian Armed Forces? Share your thoughts with us.

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